Quick Holiday Hair

The old saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day” seems to always fit in perfectly during this time of year. In between the shopping, wrapping, and cookie baking are the holiday parties that somehow vanish from your calendar. With no time for a blow out, the panic sets in that your going to show up with a frazzled mane and (of course) run into that old ex-boyfriend. Enter this super quick and easy updo that only requires a few pins and elastics.

Quickholidayhairtutorialfinal_edited-11. Sweep hair to one side of the head

2. Secure with an elastic

3-4. Take the hair in the ponytail and pull in an upward direction, holding onto the ends

5. Make sure the entire pony is now teased into a bun-like shape

6. Twist the bun away from the face, finger combing out any large knots

7. Wrap the hair around the ponytail base and secure with another elastic

8.-9. Pin any loose ends



15-Minute Messy Waves

For those mornings that I just can’t seem to get my act together, I turn to this super easy hairstyle. By skipping the shampoo and blow dry routine (which is pretty much everyday for me) I cut down on major time by substituting with a dry shampoo and shine spray.

Products used:

Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde

Paul Mitchell The Shine

NuMe Classic Curling Wand 25mm

What’s your go-to 15-minute hairstyle? Let me know in the comments!